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2014 we continued the serious tests of our bikes in speed competitions with vertical bikes, we made a bike model with full suspension and two 26 wheels, we made a trike for young children and tested it, we presented our bikes at an exhibition in Germany and made the first few sales, we visited the EUROBIKE exhibition and met with our suppliers from Taiwan, we made a special bike for a disabled person from Russia and supported their participation in our local competition.

2013, we made several special orders, it was a chopper bike for our friend, we made several models of cargo bicycles for courier service, we visited the recumbent bicycles exhibition in Germany “SPEZI” to take the best world experience and test different bikes. We have participated in various local events and competitions to test and improve our products.

In 2012, we made several different models of two-wheeled recumbent and trike. A model with two 26 wheels with full suspension, a model with 28 and 20 wheels with full suspension, and a model with two 20 wheels without suspension. A back-to-back tandem was also made, a very interesting bike. We made two trikes prototype without suspension. We made trike with rear suspension and trike with rear steering wheels. A tilting trike was made also. We tested all the models ourselves in different competitions. We offered to test our models at many local exhibitions. We visited various exhibitions in Europe and met with the leaders of recumbent bikes production in Europe to exchange experiences. From beginning we use the CAD system soft for the design and only high technology (laser cutting) for the manufacture of high-quality parts.

We began our interest in recumbent bicycles in 2011 with the construction of several prototypes and self made. Then we started using it ourselves instead of standard bicycles, participating in competitions and participating in local exhibitions. So we got a lot of experience in dealing with customers and were able to test our design. It now helps us make good new, non-standard designs right away.